Happy New year and Cover Reveal

Hello and happy New Year everyone!

2019 saw the release of the sixth book in the Alex Craft novels, Grave Destiny, and I turned in the final book in the series, GRAVE WAR. This was an unexpectedly emotional event. While I've written "the end" on nearly a dozen books, this was my first time ending a series. This book marks the end to the Alex's story, and while I hope that I can write in Alex's world again (I'd love to continue to explore Briar's story, and I have a short story planned for Rianna) this is the last book that will be from Alex's perspective. This was a pretty big thing for me. The book is not completely finished--I will have a pass of revisions and copy edits and such, but unless my editor hates the book, it is more or less the story that you will see when it hits shelves. It was a hard book to write, but I think the outcome was worth it and I can't wait until I can share more with you.

So what does 2020 hold in store for me? I'm …

What's Next?

A lot of people are writing to ask if Grave Destiny is the final book in the series. I'm very happy to report that no, this is not the end! Ace has contracted one final Alex Craft novel so that I can finish up the story. I'm currently writing the first draft, and while it has a tentative title, I'm not free to share it quite yet. I'll be turning in the 7th Alex Craft novel this September, so I anticipate it will be released late 2020 or early 2021 but will update you when I have more information.

So, for those of you worried that this might be the end, worry not. There is more.

I hope you are enjoying Grave Destiny!

GRAVE DESTINY Releases today!

Today is the day. GRAVE DESTINY hits shelves, ereaders, and audio players today! There are lots of big events in this book. I hope you enjoy!

Excerpt for Grave Destiny now Live!

The excerpt for GRAVE DESTINY is now live. Click HERE to read it.

Grave Destiny will be hitting shelves (and e-readers and wherever you might listen to audio books) on April 2nd! I can't wait to share this book with you. A lot of big events happen in Alex's world in this one, and I hope you enjoy the chaotic ride.

Here is what Publisher's Weekly had to say about the book:
“With style and a lovingly detailed exploration of the land of Faerie, the thoughtful, satisfying sixth Alex Craft urban fantasy (after Grave Ransom) transports readers to a world where magic rules and shadows come to life. . .With a hint of wit and the return of familiar faces, this installment delivers on all of its promises.”

We are only a few weeks away from the release, so I hope you'll check out the excerpt now and be back soon for the full story. If you'd like to help me spread the word about the release and excerpt (and enter to win an advanced signed copy of the book) head over to my…


The completed draft of GRAVE DESTINY (Alex Craft book six) is in the hands of my editor. It still has to go through a lot of steps before it reaches you, including revisions, line edits, copy edits, and page proofs, but the biggest part of the process is now done and the book is more or less the story you will eventually read. Yay!

I don’t have an exact release date yet (and I’m not sure if UK and Audio will be behind US print again, but I’ll try to find out before release this time) but from what I understand the plan is for it to come out in Spring of 2019. What I do have for you today is the cover! Guys, I LOVE this cover. I hope you do too!

I’ll update with more information as soon as I can! In the mean time, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the cover!

UPDATE: GRAVE RANSOM and an upcoming appearance this weekend!

Hello all!

Swinging by for a quick update about all things Alex Craft. The website now includes the cover for GRAVE RANSOM (Alex Craft book five), several links for where the book can be pre-ordered (with more to come as they become available), and AN EXCERPT!

Part of the excerpt might look a little familiar to some of you as an early draft of it was included in the end of Grave Visions last year. Some key points have changed though, and there is more included in this excerpt than was released last year, so I hope you'll pop over to the site and check it out.

I also wanted to let you know that I received a couple advanced reading copies of Grave Ransom. I will be holding a contest for these copies in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back soon!

Also, I wanted to let you know my schedule for ConCarolinas next weekend (June 2nd-4th). I'm excited to be returning to this con again this year, and it will likely be my only appearance in 2017, so I hope to see many of you there! I…

Is there an author in the house?

Some of you likely recall my post "where did the author go?" from several years ago. This post is basically a follow up to that, as well as a look toward the horizon.

This weekend, I made my first public appearance since about 2012. I was nervous for many reasons, not the least of which was my long hiatus. Thankfully, it went really well. ConCarolinas, while not the biggest convention, has always been a favorite because of all the great friends who attend it. Thank you everyone who stopped by the table to say hi, who attended panels, and who chatted at the bar and/or breakfast. All of you made this a wonderful first con back, and I am encouraged to expand my schedule further in the future!

But where have I been? Well, that is a murky tale, and I don't like putting too much of my personal life out for public consumption, but I feel that those of you who have stuck around deserve some information. So, let me try a little non-fiction here:

I ran into some health troubles sev…