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Answering your Questions: Alex Craft Series

I'm getting a lot of emails asking how many books will be in the Alex Craft series. The truth is that the answer hasn't been determined yet. Currently, Roc has me contracted for the first three books, but it is my hope that they will want more books in the series because I have a lot more story to tell. I do have an idea how the series will end, but I don't actually know how many books it will take for me to reach it.

Does that make everything as clear as mud? LOL

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

Dragon*Con Schedule

I can't believe Dragon*Con is only 10 days away! This year has gone by fast. At the same time, a lot has happened since last Dragon (and yes, this event is big enough for me that I mark my year by it, lol). Can you believe Grave Witch wasn't yet released last Dragon*con? Now the second book is out too. Unreal.

Anyway, for those of you unfamiliar with Dragon*Con, it is the largest sci-fi/fantasy con on the East Coast. It is held over labor day weekend in downtown Atlanta every year and is a huge, four day affair involving just about every type of geekdom out there as well as an amazing music scene, tons guests and about 50k attendees. It is, in a word, amazing. I love it. And this year I'm a guest with an official schedule and everything. In previous years I didn't know what panels I'd be on until I arrived and I missed several of you who were looking for me. This year, look for me here:

Title: Spotlight: Witches
Description: Explores the role of witches in fantasy li…

Free Alex Craft Short and Kita now in audio!

A couple quick announcements today. First up is that I have a free short story featuring Alex Craft (main character of GRAVE WITCH and GRAVE DANCE) up over at Dark Fearie Tales as part of the Fantastic Fables event.  I was asked to involve my characters in a well known fairy tale for the event, so this story is slightly outside the cannon of the series, but it was a fun sketch of a scene to write. The story is called Alex Craft and the Gingerbread House.  I hope you enjoy it.

In other news, those of you who listen to your books can now enjoy the first two Haven Novels in audio book form! Here are quick links to the audible editions of ONCE BITTEN and TWICE DEAD.

Happy Hump day everyone!