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Post NaNo Wrap-Up

I know, I know, NaNo ended eleven days ago, and I am just NOW getting around to this post. I've been busy, I apologize.

Every year I blog about something I learned during NaNo. Sadly, I didn't really learn anything ground breaking about how to improve my writing process this year.

Hopefully with each word I write my skill continues to improve, but writing-wise, NaNo went rather predictably. Sitting down everyday gets the work done. Not getting on the computer leads to a slump, which, if I can just force my butt in the chair, I can get over after a few hundred words. I knew all of that before November started (though that doesn't mean I didn't have to remind myself of it.) I probably could have worked faster, but over all, I'm happy with what I accomplished.

So what was the big gain? What did I walk away from NaNo with this year? You know, besides having half a manuscript finished in a month...

Well, I learned a lot about balancing responsibilities. I might have bit…