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The completed draft of GRAVE DESTINY (Alex Craft book six) is in the hands of my editor. It still has to go through a lot of steps before it reaches you, including revisions, line edits, copy edits, and page proofs, but the biggest part of the process is now done and the book is more or less the story you will eventually read. Yay!

I don’t have an exact release date yet (and I’m not sure if UK and Audio will be behind US print again, but I’ll try to find out before release this time) but from what I understand the plan is for it to come out in Spring of 2019. What I do have for you today is the cover! Guys, I LOVE this cover. I hope you do too!

I’ll update with more information as soon as I can! In the mean time, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the cover!