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KICKING IT -- RUBY RED: A Case from the Darque Files

Sorry for the long silence everyone. I hope to have an update for you soon. In the mean time, I wrote a short story that is set in the Alex Craft world and will be hitting shelves tomorrow in the anthology  KICKING IT.

 My story in KICKING IT is called RUBY RED and follows Briar Darque on a case. It doesn't relate directly to Alex's tale, but timeline-wise, it falls between Grave Dance and Grave Memory.

This anthology is packed full of great stories from authors I'm sure you know well, including Rachel Caine, Chloe Neill, and Faith Hunter. I'm super thrilled to have been involved with the project and I hope that you'll check it out. It will hit stores everywhere tomorrow,  December 3rd.


ConCarolinas Schedule

As you probably know, I have severally cut back my traveling and appearance schedules this year.  While the decision was necessary, I have missed having the opportunity to chat with many of you.  The good news is, I will get to chat and hang out this weekend at ConCarolinas. Below is my schedule for the weekend. I hope to see you there!

Fri 04:00 pmWriter's ReceptionLakeshore Ballroom I & II - Main ProgrammingFri 09:00 pmWriting the OtherHarris - Programming 9
Sat 04:00 pmThe Villain as ProtagonistHarris - Programming 9Sat 10:00 pmBloodsucking FiendsOlmstead - Programming 8Sat 11:30 pmMaking Monsters Scary AgainOlmstead - Programming 8

Where Did the Author Go?

Before I start this post, let me say that you guys are absolutely wonderful. I love meeting you at cons and signings, and even though I'm ridiculously (to the point of embarrassment) behind on my email, I love hearing from you. The fact that people want to read stories that initially exist only in my head still amazes me. You are all awesome and I cherish each and every one of my readers.

So then why have I been so quiet recently? The blog has been barren, twitter and facebook have been neglected, and my website is in woeful need of an update.

Well, the answer is rather complicated and very personal.

Writing is something I love to do, but it is also my job. I've always tried to maintain a clear line between my job and my private life, and to ensure that whatever is going on in my personal life doesn't interfere with my job. That's what professionals do, right? There are deadlines to meet and events to attend and business to be conducted.

 Recently preventing the events…