Friday, January 25, 2008

A New Year

Happy New year everyone!
I know, I know, I'm rather late on this declaration, and most of you have already slid back into the routine of life and are going, "oh yeah, it is a new year, isn't it?"

Late, Late, late. That's me. There were many posts I thought about writing during the last two months: Top lists of books from 2007, New Year's resolutions, a Merry Christmas wish to everyone. But, well, obviously I didn't. Some I might go back and do (like the top list of books) but others are well and truly passed at this point.

I apologize for the long silence (even for me, almost two months is excessive.) I have been unwell recently, and I had to reserve my energy for other things. But, I think I'm finally in an upswing, and I hope to begin posting (at least somewhat) regularly soon. I'm moving this weekend (I'll post pictures of the log cabin I'm moving into in a later post) and my apartment key has to be turned over by the 31st, so it might not be next week, but please, watch this will be active again soon.

I'm still catching up on reading the blogs I haunt (bloglines says my unread blog count is in the mid triple digits) so I hope to catch up with many of you soon. Until then, Happy Friday!