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Dragon*Con is approaching quickly, and I’m excited and nervous (a common state for me recently.). This is not my first big convention, but this is one of the very biggest fantasy conventions in the states, and it will be my first time attending. The con will be full of stars, writers, artists, and fans. There will be pirates, klingons, fairies, anime kids, and dozens of other fans stretching across the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Several writers I adore will be attending—which means I need to pack books to be signed (I must remember that this time, unlike when I went to concarolinas.) My editors will also be there.

I’m left unsure what roll I play—which will make packing a neat trick. I’m typically the type to dress up at cons. After all, any excuse to go in costume is a good excuse, right? But, I’ll be following the writers track, and I’m told most don’t dress up.

Do I dress up anyways?

I’m really not sure yet. I might not decide until I get there. The o…

Author Photos: We have a clear leader!

The poll is still open for another hour, but unless several dozen new people vote, option 2 is the clear winner with 54% of the vote in the poll and the majority in comments and emails. "Friendly and approachable" is clearly the way to go.

I'm a fan of options, so I've decided to let my editor decide between the top two choices, but runner up is a little harder to determine. Option #6 has a marginal lead in the polls over the next closest(14% total votes compared to 11%--both a far cry from the leader) but in comments and emails option #5 is a little ahead. Since #5 is a little darker and edgier (and I'm writing Darker Urban Fantasy) I think I'll send that one.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote and/or voice an opinion! Currently there are 74 votes, over a dozen comments, and several dozen emails. Thank you all again!

Author Photos

Okay everyone, I need some help. I've been asked to provide an author photo which will first go on my publisher's website, and then will later end up in the back of my book. I took a couple dozen photos this weekend, and I narrowed it down to the following. Which do you think I should use?
Option 1
Option 2

Option 3
Option 4

Option 5
Option 6

So what do you think? I'm going to post a poll in the sidebar, but feel free to voice your opinion in the comments.
Thanks so much!

It's official: First Sale

I know, I know, I posted some exciting information in my post 'The Call' but withheld details. Well, I'm finally ready to share.

The short story: I sold my first book (and there was much dancing around the living room.)

The longer story: The call came in several days before I posted about it, but I wanted to be sure I was going to take the offer before I said anything. The funny thing is, I actually missed the call originally. Yep, you read that right. I MISSED THE CALL. I was at work at the time, in a meeting, so it wasn't until later I looked at the phone and noticed a call had come in from an area code I didn't recognize. So, I first found out about the offer by email, though a second call came later and I had the opportunity to talk to my new super nice editor. Still, I didn't want to say too much too soon. So what has changed?

My contract is signed and in the mail.

It's official, I'm being published. The book I've always referred to as 'DH…


Because I'm all about last minute decisions, I have just today decided to attend DragonCon. Yes, that's right, the biggest Science Fiction Fantasy Con on this coast is 7 days away, and I decided today. It happens.

Long story short: a friend from college had to cancel last minute, so there was an extra ticket and a spot in a room up for grabs. Some other time that might not have been enough to motivate me, after all M&M is only a month away, but well... It worked (or at least I hope it will.)

So...Yippiee I'm going to DragonCon. The friends I'm going with won't be on the writer's track, so I'll probably be wandering around alone. If you'll be there, give me a shout. Maybe we can meet up sometime.

Watch for updates. I still have to tell you about The Call....

The Call

Unpublished writers are always waiting for THE CALL. Which call would that be? The call from an editor, of course. The call telling them someone wants to publish that doorstop they wrote.

My call finally came.

More details soon... ^_^