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Get the Word Out Contest: Grave Dance edition

Ten days until Grave Dance hits shelves--It's almost here! I think now is a good time to give things away, what do you think?

For my last release, I posted a "get the word out" contest, and you guys were absolutely wonderful about letting people know about the book, so I think I will beg for your help once again--and of course, there will be a chance to win free books! So what am I giving away? Let's have a look:

What do you think? Quite a score? I have books from all the authors participating in the Fantastical Mystery Tour, a signed copy from one of my favorite YA authors, and of course, my books. In detail, we have:
Wicked Lovely by Melissa MarrMad Kestrel by Misty MasseySkinwalker by Faith Hunter*Hard Day's Knight by John Hartness*Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron*Once BittenTwice Dead Grave Witch (Audio release)Grave Dance (my very last ARC)
and finallyGrave Dance (mass market)What do you think? See anything you like?

Okay, good. Here is how to enter to win:


Final part of the GRAVE DANCE excerpt and news on the release party

I can't believe we are at 11 days and counting until the release of GRAVE DANCE. Which means it's time to share the final excerpt from the book. The first section of chapter two is now live on the excerpt page. I hope you enjoy!

In the next couple days I'll be announcing my blog tour. Things have been so busy that I'm a bit behind on my scheduling, but be on the look out for dates and locations.

And speaking of tours, have you heard about the FANTASTICAL MYSTERY TOUR? This huge, five author event that will have two panels, a question and answer session, goodies, a signing, and door prizes--including a FREE NOOK (or equivalent gift card)! It will be Saturday, July 9th from 5:00-8:00pm at the Barnes and Noble on Forest Drive in Columbia, SC. This event will also double as the official release party for Grave Dance, so as you can guess, I'm super excited. Here is some more information:

Event Schedule:
5-6pm: Short panel and an open-forum question and answer with the…

Special Guest: Lucienne Diver

I have a special guest joining me today on the blog. Please welcome (back) my very fabulous agent who also happens to be an absolutely amazing writer, Lucienne Diver!

Turning Myth to Magic Every once in a while in life, someone will say something that really makes you think and becomes incorporated straight into your personal perceptions.I remember one of those moments in college, when an acquaintance informed me that, “When someone asks how you’re doing, they don’t really want to know.”From that moment forward, I pretty much stopped sharing, unless I knew the person truly cared about the answer, and it really separated out for me true friends from, well, everybody else.But the most pivotal of those moments probably came in high school with a friend who lived on the next block.I remember visiting her house and noticing that the bookshelves in the living room held, among other things, a statue of Vishnu, a common picture from Christianity (I forget now but think it was Jesus with the sac…

What's on your TBR?

Writers are readers, first and foremost. A love of reading is what drives most of us to write and to create stories for others to read and enjoy. So, once in a while I like talk about books on my To Be Read (TBR) pile.

Before I go on, I have to say that 'pile' is a rather deceptive word. Try TBR bookshelf. Stacked 2 books thick. I'd post a picture, but I'm almost embarrassed by all the books I want to read but haven't had time yet. There are tons of great books hitting shelves, and I just can't keep up. But that doesn't mean I'm not hugely excited about the books, and Amazon just sent me two new releases I absolutely can't wait to dive into.

The newest additions to the TBR pile? Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews and Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance. Ironically, both are the 5th books in their respective series--series I absolutely adore! I think both books will be skipping to the front of the TBR pile, so all I have to decide is which to read first. ^_~

So w…

Author Chat with Magical Words


Post con wrap-up and My thoughts about sparkly vampires

[Edited to add: I almost forgot to mention that my publisher is giving at 15 copies ofGRAVE DANCE over at Goodreads. Also, if you have a kindle and haven't tried out the Novels of Haven yet, now is the time!ONCE BITTENandTWICE DEADare only 2.99 for a limited time during Amazon's Sunshine Sale (I don't know, I didn't name it. Kita would like to avoid that sunshine, thank you. She, unlike Meyer's vampires, doesn't sparkle. She burns.) Okay, back to the scheduled post!] 

I'm back from ConCarolinas, and I had an absolutely amazing time. Hands down, this is always one of my favorite cons--it has been for years (since long before I started hitting the circuit as a guest). Why is it so amazing?

The people. 

Seriously, the nicest, most amazing writers and readers attend this con. As a full time writer I often feel like a hermit. I occasionally go weeks at a time in which I speak to only one or two other humans. This weekend I was surrounded by interesting people an…

The absentee writer reveals her ConCarolinas schedule

Hey guys. Sorry for the total media silence recently. There has been an utter lack of blogging, tweeting, and facebook and I owe several of you emails. I'm hoping to catch up on email before I leave for the con this weekend, but if I can't reply to everyone, some emails might be answered next week--But don't give up on me! I promise I read every single email and I will reply. (Unless the black void of cyberspace ate the email. If you don't hear from me by the end of next week, you might want to re-send.) As far as twitter and facebook: good news! This weekend is ConCarolinas--one of my favorite small regional cons--so I should have plenty to tweet about in the coming days.

If you'll be at the con (and if you're not planning to, you really should consider it) I'd love to meet you/chat. The organizers have scheduled a great line up of panels (and Panelists!) for the writer's track this year, so I'm very excited. Here is my panel schedule:

Saturday 10:…