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A quick Sneak-Peek of GRAVE WITCH and the KISS of DEATH winner!

Well, you've been asking for it, and I have permission, so I am now releasing the first sneak-peek of Grave Witch. The book is still a little over five months from release date, so I only have permission to release a very short except, but I hope you enjoy this quick preview of the book. Closer to the release date I should be uploading a longer excerpt (hopefully I will get permission to release the entire first chapter). By the way, if you will be at ComicCon 2010, you will be among the first to read the first chapter as my publisher will be giving it out there. Be on the lookout!

Now, without further ado, please click here to read the excerpt. Enjoy, and check back often for more updates!

Switching gears, I'd like to now announce the winner of my recent contest. I employed a random number generator for fairness, and the winner of the signed copy of Rachel Caine's KISS of DEATH is:

Bookie, who wrote, "I found your blog through All Things Urban Fantasy. I'd like …

RavenCon recap part 2

If you haven't entered to win a copy of Rachel Caine's KISS OF DEATH, scroll down.

Several people have asked for more information about the actual panels I sat on at RavenCon, so I thought I'd expand on a couple here.

As I mentioned previously, I was on roughly a dozen panels during RavenCon. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite, though a couple stick out, so I'll highlight some of the discussions here.

The Future of Urban Fantasy: This was a delightful panel I shared with Mike Allen, Rachel Caine, Laura Underwood, and Nancy Holzner. Some concern was expressed that there are a lot of new titles appearing in urban fantasy currently, but it was pointed out that they are out there because there is a hungry audience for such books. It was mentioned that if you said 'this creature/situation has never ever been done before' that someone would probably be able to point you to a story where it had, in fact, been done, but there are certain creatures which are le…

RavenCon recap part 1, and a giveaway!

Echo . . . echo . . . echo . . .

Ahm. Yes, the silence here on the blog hasn't been broken in a couple weeks. Sorry about that. I have been juggling projects, deadlines, travel, and a hoop dance performance. Blogging fell to the bottom of the list, but I should be back now.

I have several topics I want to talk about, not the least of which is a recap of the marvelous time I had at RavenCon, but I don't want to overwhelm everyone, so I'll be breaking the posts down to manageable chunks.

I spent the weekend of the 9th at RavenCon in Richmond VA. I'd never attended Raven before, but it had come highly recommended and I'd been invited as a guest, so I packed my books, corset, and boots, and took a road trip. The con was delightful. Everyone was amazingly friendly, and the panel topics (both the ones I sat on and the ones I attended from the audience) were highly entertaining. I had the opportunity to meet tons of wonderful readers and talked to a good dozen or more …