Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well, after a couple weeks of looking at it, I've decided I hate this color selection and layout. How is it that I've designed dozens of websites I'm fairly proud off, but anything I do to my own always looks crappy. *sigh* The cobblers barefoot children and all that, I guess. Maybe I should sit down and interview myself the same way I do my clients.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The waiting game

A couple days ago, I was having a conversation with my brother who had just been invited to the second round of interviews for a job he really wants. He was trying to explain the uncontainable excitement and nervousness he felt--and the interview is still a month off.

Ah, the waiting game; I know it well.

So my advice, stay busy for a couple days, until the giddy brain -buzz wears off and then buckle in and settle down to wait. From experience I've found that the longer you wait, the easier it gets. That is, of course, until something changes and all of a sudden you are dropped right in the middle of that dizzying anxiousness again.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring is in the air and Recomendations

Well, the cars are all taking on a greenish complexion and the dogwoods smell like dead fish, so spring must have snuck up on me.

This is the time of year I miss having a yard. Granted, every other time of the year when things like mowing and raking would need to be done, I'm quite happy that all I'm responsible for is a large balcony. But, spring makes me want to have my fingers in the dirt. Don't take that to mean I have a green thumb, because I don't, but the urge to *try to* grow stuff is there.

I think I'm going to invest in some pots this year and try that container gardening thing. It would be nice to have access to fresh rosemary and other herbs again, but I don't know how well they will grow in pots on a balcony. Anyone have any tips?

In other news, I highly recommend reading Kim Harrison's new book For a Few Demons More. I would tell you about it, but I'm afraid anything I said would be majorly spoilerish. Do you know how sometimes books in a series are 'just another adventure of xxxx character'? Well, this book is most definitely not, and I so did not see most of it coming. It was wonderful, so go read it because I want to talk about it with someone. (It came out Tuesday and I'm the only person I know who marks time with book releases and drops everything to read the newest thing by her favorite authors. So I'm anxiously waiting for someone else I know to read it.)

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, For a Few Demons More is the fifth book in the series and is Kim Harrison's first hardcover release. That latter fact is terribly exciting and I'm so happy for her. I think she is one of first authors whose career I've been following from the first book to turn from mass market to hard cover (though I doubt she'll be the last as in recent years I've stumbled over several new authors who have been placed on my 'buy everything that she writes' list.) Why am I excited my pocketbook took a larger hit? Because it means she is doing well, and just like when a local band makes it to main stream, and even though you don't know them you still get that extra happy feeling that you 'knew' them back when they played at open mic night and now they're swimming with the big fishes, I have that giddy excitement that a series I've loved from the beginning is getting more attention. *shrugs*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I apologize to anyone getting my rss feed. I'm probably driving bloglines and such nuts because I just realized that when I took the old gallery down, lots of my images went with it, and I had to revisit all those old posts and fix the links. Sorry! launched...sort of

Well, my name-site is up and accessible on the web, but it doesn't have any content yet. You might have noticed the new navigation bar under my header (it has some glitches still..I'm working on it.) Currently, if you click on any of those links, you will be taken to a blocked out page filled with fake Latin. Weird, huh?

I hope to be launching the content soon, but I'm pretty excited to have the bones of the site up. In the past, I've always hand coded everything. I have a link in the middle of my desktop that says "super advanced HTML program" opens notepad, and up until the middle of February, that was it: the codes in my head, notepad, and google for scripts I couldn't just sit down and write. Now I'm learning Dreamweaver 8. It's a frustrating program...but it does speed some things up. To it's annoyance, I still hand code almost everything, but I like that it closes my tags for me and I get an instant picture of what I just changed. Creating template pages so I don't have to edit one line of code on every single page if I decide to change a link or something is nice too. We will see how it goes. Mine is the second site I've designed in the program (not including the tutorial sites I worked with) and so far I like some of what it does, but I keep getting frustrated when it promises me it can do something (like pop-up menus) and then refuses to even give me the option (or just plain doesn't work.) Over all though, despite fighting will some elements, I would say it's speeding me up. Once I finally settled on a color scheme, it only took me a couple hours to put together the bare-bones currently up.

Check back to see the pages fill out!

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Blog Colors

Well, I did a little tweaking to the blog template, and I totally changed my color scheme. I'll be honest, I'm not completely convinced I like the new colors.

There is reason to my madness...I work locally as a web-designer for a small company, but recently I've been thinking about going out on my own, breaking out of the local, and begin accepting online jobs. (It is an entirely internet kind of thing.) So, I'm pulling down my art-gallery site and using the space for the perspective business (KNsDesigns) It makes sense, the url already sounds like a design shop, and I have my name-site registered in the event that my book sells, so it's easy enough to move my gallery to the name-site (as all it does right now is point to this blog.)

The problem comes into play when I consider that I wanted the name-site to lead to an author page (which, admittedly, I don't need right now) and color schemes for galleries and books tend to be totally different. (For instance, I would never display an entire gallery against a solid color because surrounding colors can make the eyes perceive different colors in a painting (useful if you mean for it to happen, not so much if every piece is framed by the color indiscriminately.) I'm also very reluctant to display paintings against solid black.

So, do I put the gallery there now, and move it in the event my book sells? Or do I combine the sites, leaving room for book-stuff to use in the future?

Right now I'm inclined to try combining them. I can always change my mind later. What does any of that have to do with the blog, you might be asking? Well, I want to include the blog within the site-map, and I'd like all the pages to be consistent in style and color.

I'm still not sure about this color scheme though. I've been playing with lots of colors, and I know I want nothing darker than medium gray in the boxes because that is an acceptable color to matte the paintings with, but the other colors just don't pop the way I want.

What do you think? Do you like the new colors? Hate them? Do you have any suggestions? Does anyone like this color scheme better than the old one?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

From the outside.

This week's library requests include: 2 books on forensic science, a book on criminal investigation, a book on autopsies, a psychology book on mannerisms and body language, and book about firearms.

Really, I'm not crazy or planning on committing/solving a crime, but I am planning on writing about one. The book that is refusing to leave my peripheral (so I've been mentally plotting anytime my mind wanders) is very different from the books I've been writing. In everything I've written up until now, my point of view characters have had no reason to have intimate knowledge of guns or police procedure, so the bits and pieces I've gleaned from watching crime shows and reading mysteries has always been more than enough. But, this new character works closely with the police, so I'm thinking I should have at least a little knowledge that doesn't come from fiction.

It does make me wonder what the lady putting my holds on the shelf will think of the selection though.

Friday, March 02, 2007

email addicts take heart

Recently CNN put out an article about a 12 step program for email addicts. The first step, of course, is to admit you have a problem and email is controlling your life. Most of the subsequent steps are actually very practical advice like sorting email into categories and setting specific times to check the email.

I found this article incredibly amusing, probably because around the end of last year I was definitely an addict. I have since come to terms with the fact that if a message were really important and needed my immediately attention, someone would call me. Thus I have mostly cut the cord between the inbox and me. Now I will admit, the first couple days after I send something new out I do hit the send/receive button a little more often, but who doesn't, right?