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ConCarolians is this weekend and I will be there with books, swag, and hopefully something intelligent to say on panels! If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello. This will be my first public appearance in several years, and I'm insanely shy, so if I'm a little quiet, please know I'm absolutely thrilled to see/speak with you, my tongue just gets a little tied!

So where will I be? Well, I'll have a table in the author's hall. I will only be at it a few hours during the convention, but I'll have times I will be there posted, so do stop by to see me and say hi. I'll also be speaking on the following panels:

3:00 PM Doing It All: Blending Character, Plot, and Backstory 
5:00 PM Paranormal Suspense - How to Ramp Up Action in Your Paranormal
8:00 PM The Burden of Years

11:00 AM Fantasy the World Over
8:00 PM The Writer's Life: Not Exactly a Bed of Roses

I hope to see you there!