Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Critique Groups Revisited

I went back to the round table critique group last night, this time with material to read in hand. It was a nerve-racking experience to read my work aloud, but I think I made it through without tripping over my tongue too much. (I tried to forget it was mine--I spent several years on stage, I should be able to read five measly pages to a group of 10 people, right?)

The group liked it...maybe a little too much. I expected people to rip into it, and I did get a couple of comments that need to be considered, but for the most part, everything said was flattering. Ego stroking aside, flattering isn't very helpful. I plan to go back, and join, so we will see what happens. The first couple pages might be more polished than the middle of the book.

I'm still a little concerned about the large gap between sessions and the amount of work shared. With the group meeting only twice a month, and only 5-6 pages per session (if everyone gets to share) that is 12 max pages a month. Over that span of time, can people really remember enough of the story to tell if it is developing well?

In other critique news, my agent recently hired an assistant. Susan, the new assistant, looked over the revisions I sent in, and sent me back a detailed (like with page number) critique with suggestions. I'm psyched. For some reason, knowing what people think is wrong always motivates me. Am I some sort of writing masochist?

Well off to write. (Still living off my jump drive while the laptop is in the shop.)

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