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Okay everyone, I need some help. I've been asked to provide an author photo which will first go on my publisher's website, and then will later end up in the back of my book. I took a couple dozen photos this weekend, and I narrowed it down to the following. Which do you think I should use?

Option 1 Option 2

Option 3 Option 4

Option 5 Option 6

So what do you think? I'm going to post a poll in the sidebar, but feel free to voice your opinion in the comments.
Thanks so much!


Teresa D'Amario said…
I like #5. The other more serious ones look too serious, as if you are not happy. #5 makes you look deep in thought.
Penny Rader said…
I like #2. You look friendly and approachable. :D
Anonymous said…
First off, congratulations. Way to go. As for the pictures, they are all good, but I like #2 best because you are smiling.
Tarot By Arwen said…
#2 or 6 but 2 is my favorite. You look very approachable.
Jennifer August said…
Hi Kalayna - congratulations! And speaking solely as someone who does tons of press pics and press checks, I like #2. It's friendly, open and it doesn't have a sepia tone that will get smooshy (offical industry term! :) ) when printing. If you have this version in color, I'd like to see it too.
Anonymous said…
2 and 6 are my favorites. 2 for the smile :)
Lexi said…
Congrats on THE CALL. #2 hands down for the same reasons everyone else is saying.
Hi Kalayna, I love #2 best, but #4, 5, and 6 are nice as well. These are GREAT photos! Who took them?

I'm so excited about your frist book. Yay!!!
Keena Kincaid said…
Congrats on the contract. I look 2 or 5, although the plain b/w will probably print better than the gray tone--at least it looked gray on my computer :-)
Amy said…
I like Option 2 or Option 5 with 2 being my favorite. You should be happy, you just got published!!!!

Amy Nichols
purpleprose 78 said…
I like option two or option six. (Seems like two is everyone's favorite)
Kalayna Price said…
Hey Teresa! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I was very serious for most of the pictures because I was told my smile looked phony. @_@ I really was having fun though.

Hey Penny! I think I'll have to title that one friendly. Everyone seems to agree on that point ^_^ Thanks for stopping by and voting!

Hey Lynn! Thanks, I'm excited! Thanks for stopping by and voting!

Hey Arwen! Thanks for stopping by and voting, it looks like #2 is winning by a landslide currently.

Hey Jen! So 'smooshy' is the official term, huh? I didn't really consider how the tinted photos would print. Definitely something to consider. Thanks for stopping by and voting!

Hey Sidnee! Thanks for stopping by! Option #2 is definitely in the lead.

Hey Lexi! Thanks, and thank you for stopping by and voting!

Hey Mai! Thanks so much! I hope you can come to a CRW meeting soon, I miss seeing you. My husband actually took these and I did the cropping. We made a nice team. ^_^ Thanks for stopping by and voting!
Kalayna Price said…
Hey Keena! Thanks! Those are the crowd favorites. I actually do have a black and white of all of them. I suppose I'll have to ask about the printing thing if one of the tinted options wins. Thanks for stopping by and voting!

Hey Amy! I really was happy--I was just told my smile looked fake so I stopped smiling. Hehe. Also, since I write dark urban fantasy, I wanted a couple 'edgy' shots, but so far friendly is definitely a crowd favorite. ^_^ Thanks for stopping by and voting!

Hey Vikki! Yep, there are definitely crowd favorites in the bunch! Thanks for stopping by and voting!
Marcia Colette said…
I vote for number 2. You look very approachable and gorgeous in that picture. The rest...well...they say attitude (perhaps not #6 so much, but I think it's because of the color). I tend distance myself from people like that. :-)
haricot vert said…
option 2 or 4. yes.
Loved opition 4 as you're smiling and it lights up your face. :D
Unknown said…
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Maureen McGowan said…
I like 3 and 6 -- but it depends on what kind of image you want to project (and whether or not you want colour...)
Edie Ramer said…
I like #2, because you're smiling. And you look gorgeous!

Congratulations on your sale!
Beth said…
Option #2. I'd buy a book from that happy lady.

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