Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Puppy

My family has a new member gathering around the tree this year(hopefully gathering, and not trying to eat the branches.) Meet Trudy, the puppy we adopted. She is a sweet little five month old Blue Healer mix.

I was worried about bringing a new puppy into the family. My husband and I had discussed the possibility of a puppy several times in the past, but always managed to say no. We have an eight year old lab, who is such an angel (most of the time) we knew we were spoiled, and two cats who rule the house, so bringing a puppy in could disrupt everything. But, we couldn't pass up this little girl. (It was a very thought out decision which included a long talk to the foster mom and the adoption service, and spending a couple hours with Trudy before we finally decided to bring her home.

So far, her joining the family has been a relatively seamless process. She is a silly but shy little thing who has yet to grow into her feet. My adult lab greeted her enthusiastically when she first arrived--then he realized she was staying and promptly began to ignore her. Considering she really, really wants to be his best friend (or at least cuddle with him) that didn't go over to well, but they are working it out. This morning they actually played together during their morning walk. The cats haven't been as enthusiastic about the puppy's arrival. My littlest one watches her from the landing, but currently has decided she is a strictly upstairs cat (where the puppy can't go.) I'm hoping she comes around.

Well, from my family to yours: Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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