Thursday, March 26, 2009

Biz News

I don't usually link to lots of news, but some really exciting things have crossed my inbox and twitter feed over the last few days.

For starters, many of you probably heard back in January that the amazing fantasy magazine, Realms of Fantasy, was closing. The announcement marked a sad day for many, myself included. I'm a long time reader of the magazine, and always intended to submit a short story (but I don't write a lot of short fiction, so never did.) Well, I found out today that Tir Na Nog Press purchased RoF earlier this month! They are not yet open to fiction submissions, but the magazine will return in July. Welcome back Realms of Fantasy!

In other, completely unrelated news, the Knight agency is currently running a cool contest for unagented writers called Book in a nutshell. The challenge it to write a compelling 'query/pitch' in only three sentences (150 words.) Twenty of the best queries will be requested by agents at the Knight agency, and feedback (and possibly an offer of representation) will be given. It sounds like a fun little challenge, and the Tri Mu plan to work on some three line queries this weekend at the lock-in.

Speaking of the Tri Mu and the lock-in...yes, we are having one. Husbands will be abandoned and manuscripts embraced this weekend. We are going on a mini writing retreat, with the plan of being highly productive (my wordcount needs it) but I'm sure there will also be much goofiness, and at least one or two short story challenges. I'll be headed to the lock-in after work tomorrow and returning Sunday. My goal is to hit 30k by the end of the weekend. That gives me four days to write 12k (I haven't started my writing yet for the day) so wish me a productive lock-in!

Current wordcount on HB2: (Woot! I hit the 20% mark)

18023 / 90000 words. 20% done!

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Anonymous said...

You go, Kalayna! Fingers crossed that you make your word count.

I had discovered RoF this past January and was ready to start subscribing. So needless to say, I was bummed when I heard they were going out of business. Not anymore! Woohooooooooo! I went ahead with my subscription anyway.