Thursday, July 07, 2011

Life as an exercise for writing

Earlier this week, the head minion had a birthday and to celebrate, we ran off for a day at the beach. While walking down the beach, enjoying the sand squishing under foot and the ebbing waves washing over my ankles, I started to think about what that same beach might be like in Alex's world. In her world, more than likely marrow or mermaids would be out amongst the waves or sunning themselves on the rocks. Depending on which folklore you read, that could be a rather delightful sight, or a very dangerous one as the presence mermaids were often thought to foretell storms. Or, other stories tell of them luring mortals into the ocean where they would then drown them and either eat them or trap their souls in pots far beneath the waves. Very deadly indeed.

I then looked toward the land and thought about how in Alex's world the sand dunes would probably be covered in enchantments. Some would be enchantments to prevent erosion of the shoreline, but others would be strong spells meant to help calm storms and protect the surrounding property. Oh, such charms wouldn't be able to stop a hurricane, but it might help lessen the worse of the damage.

Later that evening I went on a ghost tour and heard stories about how pirates were often buried in shallow graves at the tide line. This improper burial was thought to trap their souls, so there are many stories of ghosts wandering the shore--how much fun (as in trouble) could Alex have there?

It was a fun little exercise (especially since I'm currently working on an Alex Craft novel). Nekros is a landlocked state, but maybe Alex will have to venture to the ocean in some book. ^_^

Happy Thursday everyone! And thank you everyone who has picked up a copy of GRAVE DANCE and/or told your friends about the book! (And don't forget, if you are in the Columbia area, the Fantastical Mystery Tour is this Saturday at 5pm. I hope you can stop by. I'd love to see you!)


SJ Drum said...

Just finished Grave Dance on my Nook. Maybe it's my closeted emo-ness peaking out but I vote for Death.

And I imagine Alex on the beach with her grave sight would be something like the inside of a rotted tuna can. Gross!

Louise said...

Ooooh. I think that Alex would be a little freaked out walking on the sand. She'd probably feel like she was falling through the world with all the decay. Heehee! And yeah, LOVED Grace Dance, thanks for the rockage!

Anonymous said...

I can't bring myself to finish reading Grave Dances yet, as I'm enjoying the ride too much and don't want it to end, esp not knowing when the next one will be released.

I think the beach would be one place where Alex could relax from seeing rot when she uses her grave sight, as the sand is already "destroyed" by the waves since they were once great rocks weathered and beaten away. I'm sure the life guard stands and the umbrellas and the piers would look like some post-apocalyptic society but meh -- just sitting and watching the oceans could be cool. I'm sure Roy would also have fun making footprints in the wet sand.

The Queen B said...

I would loooove to see Alex at the beach :D

Anonymous said...

Just downloaded Grave Dance onto my Kindle! So many great reviews so I am thinking I will be up late tonight.