Today I'm very happy to unveil the cover for the third Alex Craft novel, GRAVE MEMORY, which will be hitting shelves this July. And not only do I have US cover, but I also have the UK cover. I believe the books should be hitting shelves simultaneously, so this is super exciting.

Okay, enough chatter. You want the covers, right?

Above is the US cover (The title will be printed with gold embossing) 

And this is the UK cover

So, what do you think? I love them. Of course, blue is my favorite color, so I'm probably biased. ^_^


Sara Anne said…
Yay! Can't wait for this.
Deborah Blake said…
GREAT cover! Which is only fitting, considering the book :-)
The Queen B said…
Beautiful!! You have great cover karma ;)

Can't wait to read this one.
Louise said…
Oh wow, very nice! Too bad I don't see covers on my Kindle. :D
Kalayna Price said…
Thanks everyone! I really love the covers.

Queen B, I really do have the best cover Karma, I've been extremely fortunate to have such amazing covers.

Louise, I'm actually talking about just that issue over at the Magical Words blog today:
David J Fortier said…
The UK cover has a lovely haunting feeling to it. Perhaps it's the ghostly lettering about dying.

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