Monday, December 02, 2013

KICKING IT -- RUBY RED: A Case from the Darque Files

Sorry for the long silence everyone. I hope to have an update for you soon. In the mean time, I wrote a short story that is set in the Alex Craft world and will be hitting shelves tomorrow in the anthology  KICKING IT.

Kicking it cover

 My story in KICKING IT is called RUBY RED and follows Briar Darque on a case. It doesn't relate directly to Alex's tale, but timeline-wise, it falls between Grave Dance and Grave Memory.

This anthology is packed full of great stories from authors I'm sure you know well, including Rachel Caine, Chloe Neill, and Faith Hunter. I'm super thrilled to have been involved with the project and I hope that you'll check it out. It will hit stores everywhere tomorrow,  December 3rd.



Blake said...

Good to see you back!
I don't check daily like I used to, so is may be a little late, but thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see something recent by you here.
Not knowing the deetails. Can only say, please keep taking care of yourself.
Waiting to see more Alex Craft. Yet the best stories. Usually come, when the author is enjoying themselves while writing.
THANKS for what you do, and being you!!

mar sommerville said...

First let me say I have been crushed by Life and I am Living Proof that All Things Heal with Time and Lots of hard emotional and physical work.

Enuf about moi.

Wishing you White Healing Lite to Stream thru you,Mind Body and Soul.
May the Universe's Energies be marshalled to support your quest.

Cheers Mar