Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How many boxes does life fit in?

Wow, what a hectic week last week was. The good news: all our stuff is out of the apartment and at the cabin, and our apartment has been cleaned top to bottom, passed inspection, and the keys have been turned in. We can wash our hands of it. The bad news: now all those boxes we packed have to be UNpacked.

As promised, here are some pictures of the Cabin. These were taken before we moved in, so some of the previous tenant's stuff is still around, but you can see the attraction. I feel like I'm living at a writing retreat. Out one window I can watch the sunset over a spring-fed pond, and out another, the sunrise over the woods. There are deer around, and once in awhile I catch sight of my neighbor's horse on the other side of the pond. The cabin is rustic, and not real high on modern conveniences (or inside doors) but I'm hoping the lack of distractions will inspire me to get more work done (once we finally finish unpacking.)

The hubbie an I actually made lots of progress this weekend. Our living room no longer looks like storage space. Unpacking my books helped. I have six bookshelves of fiction, two of non-fiction, and two small ones of art related stuff. That equals a whole lot of books. I like to call it my library, but I can tell you, I don't want to move it again for a very, very long time. I actually agreed to thin out my fiction collection a little for the first time in my life and donated several boxes of books to the real Library. But, that still left a lot of books to unpack and reorganize. It should probably tell you something about me that I set up my bookshelves before I unpacked my kitchen. But, what can I say? The kitchen is on the agenda for this week because we have to stop eating out every night--my hips can't take all the fast food.

Of course, we can't spend every moment unpacking (that mentality might explain why only the bedroom and living room are unpacked) so I have been writing. GW crossed 60k this weekend, which doesn't sound like such a great accomplishment considering last time I checked in it was already at 54k, but I barely wrote while I was sick, so I'm thrilled to be sliding back into something like a writing routine. My goals for myself are not very high right now. I'm happy with a daily goal of 500 words (which makes a weekly goal of only about 3k) but for now it's okay. At least I'm getting something on paper. When life settles back down, I'll up it to something more respectable. But, even if I only write 3k a week (and I hope to write more, I'm aiming low so I can feel accomplished, not guiltily, at the end of the day) I should probably still finish the first draft of GW by the end of the month. I can live with that. I also accidentally started a YA side project that is way out of my normal comfort zone. I'm only about 2k into it, and not intentionally working on it, but when I wake up with fully formed scenes in my head, I'm not going to deny them the paper they crave (okay, so the scenes I have are in word files, not on paper, but it just doesn't sound the same.)

As I have internet only at work right now, I should probably get back to well, working. ^_^ Happy Tuesday everyone! (I'm personally celebrating Shrove Tuesday today, but there are probably many celebrating Mardi Gras today, so Happy Fat Tuesday!)

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