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Recently there has been a lot of chatter about music, and what music writers use to 'set the mood' or what they see as 'soundtracks' to their novels. A couple of my favorite books from last year even came with a note on music in the back. (I believe both Kim Harrison and Carrie Vaughn do this, but as I am at work, and my books are at home--where I have no internet--I'm not 100% sure on that.) So, it got me thinking, do most writers create to music? Is it specific music? Do certain books have soundtracks, or is it more particular songs resonating with critical scenes?

Personally, my music tastes are very eclectic. I might be listening to broadway one day, rock the next, and J-pop the day after that. Usually I think of music as white noise. If it's not there, I go nuts, but if there is too much (or something I don't know well enough to filter) it will distract me. But, I do gravitate toward certain types of sounds during the highest points of emotional scenes. Like this week, I'm heading into a fight scene and have been playing a lot of Nickelback Daughtry, Hinder, and Finger 11. These bands have really struck the right cord between angsty and rocky to make good background noise. I was listening to a lot of Lifehouse and Live during the love scene last week, but I think that makes less sense. I guess at least I wasn't listening to Celtic Harp music...which I've been known to do at the oddest times.

So, those of you that are writers, do you write to music? How do you pick the music? Does it change by scene, or do characters/stories pick up songs that epitomize them?

In other news, I over did my goal by almost double last week (tiny happy dance) so I'm upping my goal for this week. I'm nearing the downhill toward those two big words, so I'm hoping to hit 70k by Sunday. Wish me luck (or just lend me some super glue for my chair ^_~)
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purpleprose 78 said…
Hmmm...I love to write to stuff from the 1940s. Granted I write historical stuff. I don't know what I'm going to do when I start to write my paranormal in april.

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