Thursday, October 02, 2008

Over Packed

Moonlight and Magnolia begins tomorrow, and fellow Tri-Mu Tori and I will be driving to Atlanta together shortly. I'm (over)packed, everything is loaded in the car, and I am now half an hour from my house and sitting in Tori's living room. And, besides blogging, what am I doing? I'm worrying about what I might have forgotten.

Over packing is not a trait common to me. I have a personal rule that I will only pack as much as I can carry in one trip, and I don't like being bogged down. I'm a master of rolling clothing, don't need a lot of accessories or upkeep products, like all purpose footwear, and my bulkiest items are typically my laptop and a stuffed tiger I sleep with.

That isn't the case for this trip.

I've never been to an RWA conference, and everyone I've talked to has reiterated the need to be professional every time I step out of the hotel room. I'm not sure how professional, so I packed my suits (which means a garment bag so they don't wrinkle--this had to be borrowed.) But what if a suit is over the top? I also packed business casual clothing. Oh and then there is the awards banquet, which means a cocktail dress.

My poor husband had to play fashion consultant with me as I packed. I'm not on top of fashion. I don't wear tennis shoes with dresses or anything, but I do wear a pair of beat up timberland boots with everything. Hey they are black and pant legs cover the laces--they look professional, right? Apparently not. My husband went through my box of (forgotten) shoes and matched them with outfits. This means I'm bringing four pairs of shoes for a three day conference.

Four. I didn't even know I owned four pairs of dress shoes.

I'm pushing the limit of what I can carry, luckily one bag is on wheels. I can only hope this over packing thing doesn't become chronic, and that in the mess of over packing, I didn't forget anything important.

Well, I'm beyond being able to double check. Time to stop worrying and get going.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll post an update on the conference when I come back.

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Darlene C. Goodman said...

It's sad that you need your husband to match shoes to dresses....

But cool that he was game for it.