Monday, August 31, 2009

I knew you once . . .

Sometimes characters slip away.

I don't know why it happens. I'm sure, when I wrote this character, I understood him and he served a purpose. But now he is falling flat. His lines are dull, uninteresting, and I have absolutely no idea why he won't talk to me.

His time has come. He is either off to the scrap folder (to live until needed--if I ever trust him again) or he has to get his act together and shed the moping puppet routine. There is no time left to be soft. I have thirty days left until I must turn in the book, so he must either pull his weight or go.

Ever write a character you remember loving in an early draft, but in subsequent drafts discover he/she just doesn't work in the story anymore?


Marcia Colette said...

Yes. But I usually resurrect them by destroying their world/comfort zone. Just ask yourself "What's the worse thing that could happen to this character?" and they'll either sink or swim from that moment on.

Good luck with finishing the second book. Once Bitten absolutely rocks!

Kalayna Price said...

Hey Marcia! Yes that does work usually. I may have to try throwing him in deep and seeing if that gets him talking again.

Thanks! ^_^