Exciting News

I've dropped hints that I've had news of late, and as I now have a signed contract in my hands, I'm finally ready to share. It is my pleasure to announce that I am being represented by the amazing Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency! She is currently shopping a new series for me, so hopefully I will have more exciting news to share with you soon.

In other news, I will be speaking at a local high school tomorrow on the importance/joy of reading. This will be a first for me, and I'm very excited. Now to be girly and waste massive amounts of time fretting over what to wear. ^_^

Switching gears again, I already announced this on the Tri Mu site, but I some how neglected to mention it here (I know, I know, my blog readers are supposed to get news first! Forgive me.) The title for the second book in my Dark Haven series has been approved. It will be called TWICE DEAD and will be released in February 2010. I have seen a mock-up of the cover, and the book is going to be gorgeous. I don't have a cover image I can post yet, but I promise to release the image here first, as soon as I do!

Okay, that is all the news I have to share today. (Surely that was enough.) I just want to wrap up by saying thank you to everyone who emailed about getting a signed bookmark. They have now all been claimed, but look for more giveaways as the release date of Twice Dead approaches.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Mandi said…

Twice Dead..yay! So looking forward to it. Can't wait to see a cover..I will definitely post it on my blog:)
Kalayna Price said…
Thanks Mandi!

It will probably be a couple weeks before I can release the cover, but I'll post it here as soon as I can. ^_^
Jennifer said…
Congrats on your signing with an agent! You deserve it!
Carmen R said…
Congrats!!! I can't wait to read Twice Dead. February seems so far away.
Marcia Colette said…
That's awesome news on all fronts! A huge congrats and fingers crossed that it leads to bigger and better things. :-)
Kalayna Price said…
Thanks Jen!

Thanks Carmen! Strangely, it seems awfully soon to me. LOL ^_^

Hey Marcia! Girl, I have to email you and ask you about cons. (Like which ones you and the little one are going to next year.)

Thanks again everyone!
Demon Hunter said…

Congrats!! I just found your web page by looking for something else and I'm glad that I found you!

I cannot wait to read your book.

I'm in S.C. as well and I write dark urban fantasy. I don't have a novel published yet, but I do have a horror short story published.

Congrats again. :-D Lucienne is awesome. :-D
Susan said…
Kind of late here on my post - but I read Once Bitten, and I love your character Nathaniel. I want to know more about him. Any chance of that?
Kalayna Price said…
Hi Susan! I'm so glad you enjoyed Once Bitten. You will learn more about all the vamps in Twice Dead. It will be released in February, so not too much longer to wait. ^_^

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