Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Research Trip to the Swamp

I took a trip to the swamp this weekend. My current WIP has several scenes based in a swamp, so I wanted to go muck around, get a feel for the sounds, the smells, the way the ground felt. A lot of what I write comes straight out of my head, but when I can get first hand experience, I jump on it.

It was cold, but it was a beautifully sunny day. With all the recent rain in the area, (and the fact the swamp is a floodplain--for obvious reasons) most of the trails were washed out. I took some awesome pictures, and I intend to return later in the week to see what the swamp is like when it is not so flooded.

While I could record all my findings here, I think I'll save the really good ones for the book. But enjoy these pictures. (Obviously I didn't take the picture of me, but the rest are images I shot during the four mile hike.)

P.S. If you are interested in a little free fiction, I started a new Tri Mu 'Pass the Plot' challenge today. Check it out at the Modern Myth Maker blog!


Sarah Templeton said...

Those are some stunning pictures. Even in winter, the swampland is an inspiring location. When everything is green and viney, bugs buzzing, birds skimming along the water, it's another world entirely. I can't wait until the hubby and I gear up for our hike there in the Spring. (At which point I'll also replenish our bug spray supply so my poor blood stays in my body instead of zipping about in an army of well-fed mosquitoes.)

Simon said...

You should go at night. I am told it is very beautiful then. But at this time of year kinda cold then as well. Also my friends and I have been doing something similar to the Pass the Plot thing. We all playing a version of D&D through email. No dice, or other complicated rules to follow. So far it has worked out very well, if a bit slow at times.

Marcia Colette said...

Graveyards and swamps. Two of my most favorite places to play. But I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to visiting during the winter. I'll wait until summer to make those trips. Brrrrr. ;-)

Demon Hunter said...

Wonderful pics. :-D I need to do more hands on research too. I read a lot of research books and do hands on when I can, but I'll do more of that first hand research this year. :-D