Thursday, January 14, 2010

To-do lists, galleys, and links

It has been a busy week (hence the blog silence). I'm buried under both external and self-imposed deadlines and scrambling to stay on top of everything on my to-do list. I can hardly believe tomorrow will be the halfway point in the month. There are still a lot of words I need to reach my goal of finishing my WIP this month (we are just going to shut that thought behind that obscured door over there.) Oh, and I have tons to do to prepare for my February release. There are bookmarks to design and order, blog tour details to finalize, and release contests to plan.

Busy, busy!

In the meantime, if you are itching for a new post with a little more substance than my to-do list, you can check out The Magic District where I blogged about my galleys. Also, fellow Tri Mu Vert continued the Pass the Plot story I started last week, so you can check out the newest installment here.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Mid January, and my writing is suffering greatly, because of other obligations.

Good luck to us all during this busy January.