Monday, February 21, 2011

StellarCon Schedule

I know, I only just hung my corset and kicked off my boots from the last convention, but the next is just around the corner and they sent me my panel schedule, so I'm anxious to share it with you. March 4th-6th I will be in High Point North Carolina for StellarCon and if you want to take a peek at my panel schedule, it looks like I'll be chatting about a lot of vampires. LOL. (Don't worry, if vampires aren't your thing and you'd rather chat with me about fae, witches, shifters, mages, and/or soul collectors, just find me outside the panels!)

Okay, without further ado, my schedule:

  • Reading (Heritage, Friday @ 4:30PM)
  • Opening Ceremonies & Guest Meet and Greet (Queen Anne B, Friday @ 6:00PM): Come to the Opening Ceremonies and meet StellarCon 35’s Convention Manager and Guests of Honor. It is followed by a meet and greet of all this year’s guests.
  • Vampires of the Past, Present and Future (Victorian B, Friday @ 9:00PM): Come and explore the world of vampires from the vampires of the past, of the present, and of the future.
  • Signing (Dealer's Room, Saturday @ 1:00 pm)
  • Kindle, Nook, and other E-Books: The Future is Now! (Victorian A, Saturday @ 3:00PM): E-Books are actually becoming a very popular source for reading. Our panelists will discuss their use of these devices and formats pertaining to their books. And what the future might hold for this technology.
  • Tony’s Quick Write (Heritage, Saturday @ 4:00PM) This is the wildest, craziest writing assignment you have ever seen and the best part is it involves our LGoH, Baen Special Guest, and a good number of our Author Guests. If you have never seen it, you need to see this one.
  • What Does A Vampire Have To Do To Get Your Attention? (Victorian B, Saturday @ 6:00PM): In a world filled with vampires, not the real world, but the worlds of fiction from print to visual media what does a vampire have to do; to stand amongst the sea of vampires that now exist?
  • Signing (Dealer's Room, Sunday @ 10:00 AM)
  • The “Urban” in Urban Fantasy (Queen Anne B, Sunday @ 11:00AM): A discussion of the implied importance of cities in urban fantasy, if books set in rural towns should be classified as urban fantasy or some other sub-genre, and/or real vs. fictional cities in urban fantasy.

What do you think? Sound like some interesting topics? You might have noticed that "reading" in there. I will most likely read from Grave Witch -- though if there is interest from those at the reading, I might read from one of my upcoming releases. Now I have to pick a scene or two. I've never done a reading before!

Well, happy Monday everyone. I hope to see you at StellarCon!

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The Queen B said...

Sounds awesome! Good luck with the reading. Wish I still lived in NC :P