Thursday, December 24, 2015

Flash giveaway for Christmas

My big contest for ARCs of GRAVE VISIONS will be coming soon, but for Christmas I'm having a flash giveaway on my facebook page.

Please check it out and enter!

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Chey said...

I really enjoyed the Grave novels so far! I like the fact in the second and third book you will bring up little snippets from the previous or first book, just enough to jog a memory, but not to the point where it is just cutting and pasting whole sections of earlier book sections. I have seen that in other series novels and it can become tedious if overused. You weave it in a way that works, without overuse and your writing reflects the sense that you respect that your readers would remember the previous books.

I enjoyed the humour and the suspense. I hope Alex remains independent Fae, but I think Light court would suit her if she had to pick. I can't help thinking that something will cause Alex to become the new queen of the winter court.

I hope that you write more in the series and that the books come out soon! I listened to the audio books through Canadian Institute for The Blind (CNIB), but I know that I am going to buy these books in large print. Excellent books and I do want to reread them!

I look forward to the next installment of the Grave series.

Chantelle McLaren