Friday, October 20, 2006

First Rejection,

Well, my agent passed along DH’s first rejection today. Weirdly, I’m not as bummed out by it as I thought I would be. Of course, maybe it just hasn’t had time to sink in yet.

The rejection was very nice and complementary (which I’m not sure how much that means since it is still a rejection.) It also listed the reasons DH was rejected, so at least that gives me something to work with. CW will have to wait a couple weeks; I have some editing to do before Nano starts.

Wish me luck.


fred charles said...

It sounds like you are taking it well. I'm sure that there will be other oppurtunities, so just hang in there! It's great that you have an agent. Most writers don't even get that far!

Rachel Vincent said...

Hmmm. My agent never sent any rejections to me, though I'm sure we got a couple. I hadn't thought about that until now. I sent her six copies of the ms, and I assume she sent them all out. We got offers from four publishers. So at least two of them must have said no, but I never heard about it. I don't even know where else the book went.

If it hadn't worked out like that, I probably would have asked. But as it was, the excitement seems to have overcome everything else.

I hope you get good news soon!

Kalayna-Nicole Price said...

Thanks Fred,
Telling myself "I found an agent, so it can't be that bad" does help on the bad days. My agent has three other copies of my ms out there, so now I'm waiting to hear back on those.

Thanks Rachel,
'Good news' would be great and 'soon' even better. The waiting is definitely a hard part of this business. If my work had taken off as fast as yours (Stray was at auction within a month, wasn't it?) I don't think I would have remembered the other two manuscripts either.

Rachel Vincent said...

Um...let's see. Stray went out on Jan 2nd and the first offer came in on (Friday) the 13th. Miriam spread the word that we had an offer and set a date for the auction. Which took, like, two weeks, I think. Maybe less. But it was torture.

How long has yours been out? I have friends whose books took a long time (more than two years) to sell, but once they did, they sold BIG. So keep your spirits up!

Kalayna-Nicole Price said...

Hmm, not too long, a month and a half at most. This was the first rejection, and really, if the editor doesn't want something, I guess it's better to know sooner than fretting forever while it sits in a pile on their desk.

Miss snark says 90 days is a pretty standard minimum for reading a full, so I'm trying to forget I have the manuscripts out there for a few more months.