Life sometimes makes a point of scaring me.

Thursday my car broke down, which is a really big deal as it is the car my husband and I share and public transport in my city is a joke. The shop said the car wouldn’t even be looked at until Monday, so my chance to attend the LRWA meeting basically evaporated. Luckily, both our parents helped us out in getting where we had to go around town, but getting to Charleston still seemed like an impossibility. Then in a change of fortune, the shop called back and told us we could pick the car up Friday night and I ended up being able to go after all.

I was really nervous walking in the room, but everyone was really friendly. I wasn’t even the only guest visiting. Apparently lots of members were missing at this meeting because there is a writing retreat next week, but there were still probably 13 or so people present. It was a good mix: a couple published authors, several with works looking for representation, and a handful still working on their first book. We talked a little about what each of us was working on and things we had heard about the industry (a who’s looking for what moment.) Then there was the workshop about writing thrillers which was informative, and while I never plan to write a straight thriller, I’m sure I can incorporate some of what I learned in my own work. The meeting wrapped up with a discussion about making your name a brand (for advertising purposes.) As I have nothing to compare it to, I couldn’t tell you how well the meeting went, but I had a good time. It will be interesting to compare it to the CRW meeting next weekend.


Anonymous said…
Well, as long as you had fun, it sounds worthwhile. At least you didn't leave there annoyed, lol.

Sorry about your car. My car was going nuts for awhile too. It would just randomly start.

So, are you ready for Nanowrimo?
Kalayna Price said…
Hey Fred: You know I think I was more ready for Nano a week ago or so than I am today (the day before) Now I'm in the middle of stuff I want to finish before the madness starts

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