Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kalaynanicoleprice.com launched...sort of

Well, my name-site is up and accessible on the web, but it doesn't have any content yet. You might have noticed the new navigation bar under my header (it has some glitches still..I'm working on it.) Currently, if you click on any of those links, you will be taken to a blocked out page filled with fake Latin. Weird, huh?

I hope to be launching the content soon, but I'm pretty excited to have the bones of the site up. In the past, I've always hand coded everything. I have a link in the middle of my desktop that says "super advanced HTML program"...it opens notepad, and up until the middle of February, that was it: the codes in my head, notepad, and google for scripts I couldn't just sit down and write. Now I'm learning Dreamweaver 8. It's a frustrating program...but it does speed some things up. To it's annoyance, I still hand code almost everything, but I like that it closes my tags for me and I get an instant picture of what I just changed. Creating template pages so I don't have to edit one line of code on every single page if I decide to change a link or something is nice too. We will see how it goes. Mine is the second site I've designed in the program (not including the tutorial sites I worked with) and so far I like some of what it does, but I keep getting frustrated when it promises me it can do something (like pop-up menus) and then refuses to even give me the option (or just plain doesn't work.) Over all though, despite fighting will some elements, I would say it's speeding me up. Once I finally settled on a color scheme, it only took me a couple hours to put together the bare-bones currently up.

Check back to see the pages fill out!

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fredcharles said...

The site is looking good. Hope things are good with you.