Thursday, March 08, 2007

From the outside.

This week's library requests include: 2 books on forensic science, a book on criminal investigation, a book on autopsies, a psychology book on mannerisms and body language, and book about firearms.

Really, I'm not crazy or planning on committing/solving a crime, but I am planning on writing about one. The book that is refusing to leave my peripheral (so I've been mentally plotting anytime my mind wanders) is very different from the books I've been writing. In everything I've written up until now, my point of view characters have had no reason to have intimate knowledge of guns or police procedure, so the bits and pieces I've gleaned from watching crime shows and reading mysteries has always been more than enough. But, this new character works closely with the police, so I'm thinking I should have at least a little knowledge that doesn't come from fiction.

It does make me wonder what the lady putting my holds on the shelf will think of the selection though.

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