Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring is in the air and Recomendations

Well, the cars are all taking on a greenish complexion and the dogwoods smell like dead fish, so spring must have snuck up on me.

This is the time of year I miss having a yard. Granted, every other time of the year when things like mowing and raking would need to be done, I'm quite happy that all I'm responsible for is a large balcony. But, spring makes me want to have my fingers in the dirt. Don't take that to mean I have a green thumb, because I don't, but the urge to *try to* grow stuff is there.

I think I'm going to invest in some pots this year and try that container gardening thing. It would be nice to have access to fresh rosemary and other herbs again, but I don't know how well they will grow in pots on a balcony. Anyone have any tips?

In other news, I highly recommend reading Kim Harrison's new book For a Few Demons More. I would tell you about it, but I'm afraid anything I said would be majorly spoilerish. Do you know how sometimes books in a series are 'just another adventure of xxxx character'? Well, this book is most definitely not, and I so did not see most of it coming. It was wonderful, so go read it because I want to talk about it with someone. (It came out Tuesday and I'm the only person I know who marks time with book releases and drops everything to read the newest thing by her favorite authors. So I'm anxiously waiting for someone else I know to read it.)

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, For a Few Demons More is the fifth book in the series and is Kim Harrison's first hardcover release. That latter fact is terribly exciting and I'm so happy for her. I think she is one of first authors whose career I've been following from the first book to turn from mass market to hard cover (though I doubt she'll be the last as in recent years I've stumbled over several new authors who have been placed on my 'buy everything that she writes' list.) Why am I excited my pocketbook took a larger hit? Because it means she is doing well, and just like when a local band makes it to main stream, and even though you don't know them you still get that extra happy feeling that you 'knew' them back when they played at open mic night and now they're swimming with the big fishes, I have that giddy excitement that a series I've loved from the beginning is getting more attention. *shrugs*


Rachel Vincent said...

Ha! I borrowed an ARC of FFDM a couple of months ago, so we can talk about it!

I'm a huge KH fan. ;-)

Kalayna-Nicole Price said...


I'll have to drop you an email!