Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun with Comments

I'm neck deep in plotting a short story, but I'm not ready to say much about it, so I thought I'd share some of the Comments from the MS I just finished. Rachel posts her comments to her blog once in a while, and they always fascinate/amuse me, so I hope you find mine just as interesting.

The MS, which ended just under 80k, had a total of 158 comments. (For those unfamiliar with comments, they are a feature in word that highlights a section of text and puts a little bubble on the side of the page where additional text/notes can be written.)

Some random comments from the first couple chapters:
-"Find out the legal term for (place)"
-"When talking about (deleted) is (deleted) capitalized?"
-"Clunky" (referring to a paragraph I didn't like)
-"Look up shoes"
-"Did I give him a name earlier?"
-"This is the idea. Now rewrite it to make it work."
-"Long meandering description. Figure out what you want to say."
-"Where did the (object) go?"
-"How can I up the tension?"
-"What time was it when (deleted)?"
-"Make sure (character) didn't have a watch on earlier."

So...yeah. That's how I talk to myself inside my head too. A combination of reminders to look stuff up, either within the MS or actual research, and a little yelling at myself because I don't like the way words are landing on the page.

Who else leaves comments in their work? (Doesn't have to be writing related) What types of notes do you leave yourself?

That's it for me today. Back to plotting--I mean work. ^_~
Happy hump day everyone!

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purpleprose 78 said...

Here's one from my current ms...
"He sounds like a pansy. I mean Do you want some potpourri with that whine?" This is describing my alpha male...Clearly he needs work.