Well, after a very busy week and weekend, I finally got out those last few words and wrote, you guessed it THE END on my WIP. Granted, the word count came out a little lower than I expected for a first draft, (though only about 700 words less than I was projecting) but I know with the way I write, the second draft will flesh out what I wrote in this one. I also realized during the middle of the climax that I sort of forgot to kill someone (I could I have forgotten something like that? But I did) so there are two scenes or so I didn't write, but I'll catch them in the second draft.

Final wordcount:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
79,287 / 79,287

Now, I will commence in a little happy dancing, and then put this MS in the drawer a couple weeks while I work on something else. There are a lot of projects I've been thinking about, so I'm not sparse on ideas. The question is what to work on next? Isn't that a great dilemma? ^_^

Happy Monday everyone!


Edie Ramer said…
Hi Kalayna! I'm here from the Elements loop. Congrats on finishing the first draft. Love the feeling.
Kalayna Price said…
Thanks Vikki!

Hey Edie!
Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to getting to know people over at the Elements loop. Thanks for the congrats on my first draft! I'm so glad to have it done.

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