My self-imposed deadline for finishing my short story is fast approaching, and I'll admit, it's going to be a crunch. I want to write those magic words this Saturday, April 5th. I slowed down a little, not writing a word this past weekend, but I still intend to finish on time. If I don't, I'll have to put it aside and that will bum me out. No fun. Plus, deadlines are good for me.

You might be asking, what changes after April 5th? Well, April 6th is the day the Tri Ms decided to begin our first Fast Draft challenge, which pretty much guarantees two weeks of total writing insanity. I discussed doing a FD challenge once before, but those plans fell through, so I'm excited the Tri Ms decided to give it a shot this time. But, more on Fast Draft on a later date.

Today I'm talking about my short story, and on meeting deadlines. My current word total is 7,260 words. My goal, as close to 15k as possible (I'll give you a hint, I'm not worried about being low.) I would guess I only have about a third of my plot covered, and I've already hit the halfway point in wordcount.

Wish me luck!

Current Progress: Short Story
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,260 / 15,000


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