Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Case of the Busies

I am busy.

That about sums things up.

The last few weeks have been packed and the horizon looks just as chaotic. Once Bitten's release date is looming, though most of my work with the book is finished. Currently I'm neck deep in revisions again. I'm pulling apart my own words and trying to get them as tight as possible before the Moonlight and Magnolia conference. My edits were derailed by revisions not long ago, so *cross your fingers* I hope I'll be ready to pitch a new series while at the conference.

My schedule doesn't get any clearer after that. During October I have three big NaNoWriMo events I plan to hold this year: Noveling 101, a Plotting Bash, and a Creativity Bash, so I need to do prep work for those. I also need to break out my own plotting hat because I'll be starting a new story in a new world for the challenge. (At least most of the world building is done, but I have a dismal amount of it plotted and most of that is in my head.) Then of course, there is the challenge itself--50k in November. Plus parties and write-ins. Oh yeah, and Once Bitten will hit stores.

Busy, busy--though I'll be honest, I'm thrilled.

What is everyone else up to?

[ETA--okay, apparently I'm so busy I wrote this up and hit save instead of publish. *shakes head.* Better late than never, right?]

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