Monday, November 03, 2008

Off to a crazy start

Halloween has come and gone (and I already miss it--Halloween is a great holiday. Candy and Costumes. What's not to love?)

Me, being me, dressed up for work once again despite the fact I knew I'd be mostly alone in my costumed freakishness. I did actually talk one co-worker to dress up with me. Next year my goal is at least five. ^_^

After work it was off to hand out candy with my fellow Tri-Mus and watch some movies. Then, at midnight, NaNoWriMo began. I wrote only about five hundred words before heading home to get some sleep, but I was back at it the next morning.

Saturday night we celebrated our local kick-off. Attendance wasn't great compared to some other events I hosted already this season, but we had a lot of fun.

I plan to hit 5k tonight, so I'm plugging along. I could be writing faster, but I'm happy with my current pace.

So what is everyone else up to? Anyone have Halloween photo's to share?

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