Friday, January 09, 2009

A New Year and New Plans.

I've decided not to make any big, year-long resolutions for 2009. I thought about possible resolutions, the list of goals, the things I'd like to achieve this year. . . I didn't write them down. I'm not going to. Not now, at the beginning of the year when everything is blank and unknown. It's the tradition, but I'm opting out.

There is a time and a place for pushing yourself hard and reaching for the glimmering goal in the distance. While the beginning of the year sounds like the perfect time to gaze that far ahead, it's really not. At least, not for me. Not this year.

Currently, I'm looking at the little goals. The goals that are ten steps ahead, instead of the full mile. I'm gazing across the day, week, or month, instead of across a whole year.

With that in mind, I have one goal. A goal for this month. By the end of January I want to have the second draft of my WIP complete. Currently, the first draft has 272 pages. As I work, this number will go up and down from day to day, (probably up more than down) but I'm going to try to track my progress here, and hold myself accountable by posting a meter.

Here is my current progress chart:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
23 / 272

I better get a move on it.


purpleprose 78 said...

ok...I suppose I should post my goal too.

15,000 words by the end of January. Apparently, I will have time to write this weekend. Sigh....

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goal for January! ;-)

The only goal I have is to finish my current WIP by the end of April. That's when I hit my first conference of 2009. I'm talking all the way to polished within an inch of it's life. That way it'll feel like a rewarding trip.