Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hurry up and Wait

(x-posted on the Tri Mu Blog)

This is not the post I had planned for yesterday. In fact, the last twenty-four hours have been completely unplanned and a little on the insane side. After a couple months of all things in my personal sphere of the publishing world being rather silent, a symphony orchestra playing Beethoven's 5th symphony showed up yesterday afternoon.

Is this good news? Oh yes. But it is still rather startling.

Out of nowhere there are things to consider. There is a scramble to accomplish a lot all at once (because, of course, everything needs to be done now.) There are people to contact, decisions to make, and my heart seems to be one beat behind and struggling to catch up. By the middle of next week, I'm sure this will all be over. Even right now, there are waves in which I am bustling followed by what feels like a drawn out period in which I'm waiting. That's just the way it goes with publishing (in my experience.)

This is the hurry up and wait of publishing. Welcome to the ride.

(I promise I'll share more as soon as I can. Stay tuned!)

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