Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Reviews

Reviews have been trickling in here and there since Once Bitten was released, but I wanted to point out a couple that brightened my day recently.

Kristy Bock with Parapormalromance.org said:
"For every bit of danger there is a balance of humor. Kita is a character that will go on living in the memory of the readers. She's not your every day house cat! This was just a perfect adventure to escape the confines of reality for a little while."
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Mandi with Smexy Books Said:
"One of the best aspects of this book is that Kalayna Price leaves you asking (maybe begging a bit) for more."
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J. Kay with < J. Kay's Book Blog said:
"This dark fantasy is tinged with humor that will curl your toes in delight.
ONCE BITTEN is book one of the Haven series. Although it has a solid ending, readers will be left begging for more."
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Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed it. ^_^ (If you've reviewed Once Bitten, I'd love a link to read the post.)

Well, have a nice day everyone. For those of you headed out to the RT convention, have a safe trip and tons of fun!


Jessica Lee said...

What fabulous reviews, Kalayna!! I know you have to be beaming. Congratulations!

Kalayna Price said...

Thanks!! I'm told it's really dangerous to read your own reviews (you know, in case someone absolutely hates the book,) but finding reviews like these totally makes it worth the risk!