Remember to move

This is a busy time for me. I have deadlines approaching and side writing projects popping up here and there. I've been skipping a lot of activities recently just to stay caught up. A typical day currently consists of spending eight hours at work and then going home and writing for another seven hours. That adds up to a lot of time in a chair.

Certain things should be self evident, but everyone needs reminding sometimes, and this week, my reminder came from fellow Tri Mu, Tori. She messaged me to see how the writing was going. It was only about nine o'clock, but I was tired and feeling rather worn down. Her question:

"Have you gotten any exercise recently?"

No. No I hadn't. I'd skipped hooping all week, and for the most part, I only stood up and stretched when body parts started falling asleep. Under her advice, I took a break, turned the music up loud, grabbed my hoop, and just let go.

I only left my desk for about fifteen minutes, but I returned energized and ready to write. It really is amazing what getting blood flowing to your brain can do. ^_^

So, here is my advice for the weekend. Remember to move once in a while. It really does help. ^_^


Demon Hunter said…
Great advice! I'm getting back to my exercise regimen with The Firm on Monday. :-D And back to butt-in-chair as far as my writing. ;-)

I know you're extremely busy, but did you get my response e-mail on Monday? Just wanted to make certain you got it. :-D
Kalayna Price said…
Hey Tyhitia! Thanks for stopping by.

My inbox can be a treacherous place at times. I'm looking over it now, but I'm not seeing a response from Monday. Sorry about that. Can you resend? Thanks!
Demon Hunter said…
Okay, I'll resend it now. :-D

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