Monday, August 02, 2010

For the love of buttons and a contest

For many years, I've covered most bags I own in 'flare'. I can't remember exactly when I started doing it, but it's become quite a habit.  I'm hard on bags and harder still on buttons (I lose the backs of pins and accidentally rip the faces off  buttons on a regular basis just by walking around), but as a whole, there are always new buttons to replace old ones. I love buttons and pins that let me display a little hint into my interests, affiliations, and attitude. Bands I love, movies I enjoyed, art I like, funny sayings . . . whatever, I enjoy showing it off in button form. When in conversation, I've often stopped and said "that should be a button!" I've done this so often around my writing group that we now have shared file called  'sayings for buttons'. Unfortunately, none of us had access to a button maker, so these sayings have just sat in a google docs list for the last few years.

That has now changed.

A few weeks ago I ordered a button maker, and today it arrived in the mail. I immediately took a small break from writing to make a couple buttons. To to the right you can see my very first  button. Yes, that is the cover to my up coming release, Grave Witch. And yes, I intend to make a bunch and give them out to fellow button lovers!

It's my intention  to stockpile a collection of buttons featuring the covers of my books to give out at Dragon*Con (and other events I attend from here on out) so if you see me at a con or a signing, and you love buttons, please stop by and grab a one! I'd also like to make a couple buttons featuring cute phrases about the books. I have a couple in mind, but my brain is almost always tied up in the book I'm currently working on--which means most people won't 'get' the ones I'm thinking about because the book isn't out yet.

Which leads into the contest:

Have you read my currently released books? Are you good with catchy, quirky, or funny sayings? Think you have the wordsmithing skills to make up a button saying about one of my books/series? Then let's hear it!

This is an open contest with no time limit to enter and no set number of winners. If I decide to use one of your sayings on a button, I will send you a copy of your button as well as one of all the cover buttons I currently have available. I will also credit you on the website and put your name in the small print on the inner side of the button.

So, who has button sayings? I'd love to hear them!

(NOTE: by entering this contest you are agreeing to let me print and distribute your button phrase. Buttons will be used as freebie promotions and advertisement only and have no monetary value.)


Carmen R said...

It's not that life is too short. It's that your Dead too damn long.

L. Scott Johnson said...

Time for plan B -- whatever that was. (OB 10)

Don't call me Kitten. (OB 77)

the Gardner said...

Oh, I like the "Don't call me Kitten," idea.

Anna said...

Team Nathanial/Bobby/Tatius etc.
Clan Nekai.

I just got my hunting rights.

Not an ordinary stray.

Don't touch me when my skin is slipping.

Haven is not a safe city.

Kalayna Price said...

Awesome guys, keep these coming. I'll pick a couple designs in time to get them ready before Dragon*Con, so stay tuned!