Friday, August 13, 2010

The Minion Button

Don't forget that the Get the word out contest (with your chance to win a cool swag pack including the Ace/Roc sampler) is running until Sunday August 15th. Details can be found HERE.

When the button maker first came in, the DH immediately announced that he wanted a button which read "Minion". Why? Because minion has been a running joke for almost a year now. You see, he attended his first convention only because I begged him to go with me--traveling alone is no fun. He agreed but stated he was going as my minion. Once he got to the con, he decided he liked it--there is more geek in him than he lets on--but the minion joke persisted. When we met the wonderful Rachel Caine at RavenCon the DH went as far as introducing himself as "Kalayna's Minion." (Her response? "Where can I get a minion?" ^_^)

So, when the button maker arrived, I designed a stark black and white button with just the word "MINION" across the face and my website in small print on the bottom. Then I made two: one for the DH and one for me. You're probably already guessing that two isn't the final number I ended up creating.

The very next day, people started asking about the button. The DH's coworkers thought it was great and wanted one. People laughed and asked about mine while I was in the grocery store line. One of my CPs visited, and I showed her my cover buttons (which she loved) then she saw the Minion button and I ended up making one for her.

People apparently really like the minion button.

I'm thinking about making some for Dragon and leaving them around random places on freebie tables. I'm not sure though. They don't tie into my books, so they aren't clever promo. The buttons do have my website, but I'm not sure that the people who are amused by the minion button would actually check out the site. Despite those business-side negatives, I'm inclined to make them if people would like them because, like I said my post For the Love of Buttons, I like buttons and I enjoy sharing things that amuse me.

So what do you guys think? Would the minion button amuse you? Is it chuckle-worthy or demeaning? (I wouldn't want people to assume I think of readers as minions.) Please voice in!

Happy Friday the thirteenth! (Did you know fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia)


Carmen R said...

I love the minion button. I think it's funny.

Kalayna Price said...

Awesome. As the only answer, you now speak for everyone, Carmen. ^_^ (Do you feel the power? LOL)

Seriously though, thanks for chiming in and letting me know.

Carmen R said...

No problem, If you leave any laying about at Dragon Con I'll be sure to grab one