Saturday, August 07, 2010

Look what FedEx brought!

Late yesterday afternoon the FedEx guy dropped off a huge box of Roc Samplers on my doorstep. These samplers include the first chapter from seven upcoming and recently released Ace/Roc novels, one of which, being Grave Witch! If you direct your attention to the upper left hand side of the sample book, you can see Alex from the front cover. This is the first time I've seen even part of the cover in print, (aside from my own promo materials, of course) and I was downright giddy when I opened the box.

These samplers are just gorgeous in their layout, presentation, and binding. My editor told me months ago that she wanted to include Grave Witch in the promo material they would be giving out at ComicCon (which is what these samplers are from--apparently thousands were given away a couple weekends ago) but I had no idea what form the final product would take. I couldn't be more excited that she sent me some of the remainders and that I will get a chance to pass them on to you!

Alex and I are in great company in this sampler. Take a look at who is included:
  • K. A. Stewart (A Devil in the Details)
  • Kasey Mackenzie (Red Hot Fury)
  • Joan Frances Turner (Dust)
  • Simon R. Green (Ghost of a Chance)
  • Dianne Sylvan (Queen of Shadows)
  • James Knapp (Silent Army)

I have a box of these samplers (maybe 100 in total) that I'll be taking to give out at Dragon*Con, so if you're attending and would like one, make sure you track me down there. I know not everyone who reads the blog will be able to attend Dragon, so check back soon, because I'll have a contest in the next couple of days and give a couple of these samplers away. (If you guys are interested, that is.)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Carmen R said...

Will be on a panel or have a booth?

Kalayna Price said...

Thanks Kate!

Carmen, I will be on a couple writer's track panels. I've been in contact with the coordinator and I hope to have a schedule before the con starts, but I'm an unofficial guest again this year, so I may not know which panels I'll actually be sitting on until the con begins. Hopefully I'll snag a real guest spot for 2011.