Do you have questions?

After the blog party and my month of blogging near daily, I'm a little unsure of what to talk about on the blog. Soon I'll start blogging on NaNoWriMo--very soon, I guess, as November isn't far off and I plan to invite others to take the challenge with me once again this year. November will likely be mostly craft and encouragement posts, but for the rest of October? I'm not sure (hence the silence the last couple days).

So, I thought I'd open the blog to questions.

Do you have something you'd love to ask me? It can be about either series I write, about writing in general, about hooping, heck, you can even ask me your homework questions, but I don't promise to know the answers.  If you leave questions in the comments of this post, I'll answer them in tomorrow's post. Sound good?

Happy Vampire Diaries day Thursday! (And don't forget, the Grave Witch in the Wild contest is currently open for submissions. Check it out!)

ETA: Oh, Please try to avoid spoilers about the books in your questions, or please clearly mark them with **SPOILERS** and space down a bit to give others who might not have read  the book fair warning. Thanks!


Edna said…
Hi Kalayna!

How many books will there be for the Alex Craft series?

Falin and Death both seem like fantastic love interests for Alex. I was wondering if you already have it set in mind who she will end up with, if anyone at all?

And this is a general sort of comment but I'm incredibly fascinated by Death. In a future book I hope Alex can learn more about him and maybe get a glimpse into his world. How about "A Day in the Life of a Soul Collector"? ;) Falin is quite interesting himself. I'm eagerly awaiting to read more of his history.

Anyway, I also just wanted to say Grave Witch was such a wonderful beginning to the series. I can't wait to read the next one!
Cristina said…
Hey Kalayna. :)

I've read your Haven books and love them. I was wondering if we were going to see more of Tatius in the next book. I really like him, he is such a fascinating character.(and I may have a teeny tiny crush on him) I was intrigued by his behavior towards Kita in the second book. What is he about?

Thanks for the Q&A,can't wait to read Third Blood!

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