Your Questions Answered

Last week I asked for questions. Today I will be answering them. So let's see what you were curios about:

Edna asked:
Q. How many books will there be for the Alex Craft series?
A. Currently there are three books contracted in the series, but I have ideas that go beyond the third book, so I hope Roc buys more of the series. The next book, GRAVE DANCE, will be released late next summer.

Q. Falin and Death both seem like fantastic love interests for Alex. I was wondering if you already have it set in mind who she will end up with, if anyone at all?
A. I have a definite direction for Alex's love life, but as I'm writing surprises often occur, so nothing is set in stone. 

Q. And this is a general sort of comment but I'm incredibly fascinated by Death. In a future book I hope Alex can learn more about him and maybe get a glimpse into his world. How about "A Day in the Life of a Soul Collector"? ;) Falin is quite interesting himself. I'm eagerly awaiting to read more of his history.
A. Those aren't really questions, but I thought I'd just comment that you will definitely be seeing more of both and learning quite a bit more in the next two books. I'm glad you're enjoying the characters and the world! Thanks so much, and thanks for the questions!

The next set of questions are from Natalie via Facebook:
Q.How do you pronounce Falin? I have an acquaintance named Fallon (rhymes with Allen), and I've been pronouncing it the same way, but I've seen it spelled your way.
A. Technically, the 'i' would make the 'a' long, so I pronounce it FA lin. That said, FAH lin isn't that far off so is probably an acceptable pronunciation.

Q.Why a Chinese Crested? I mean, I love cresties, but it seems like an odd match for Alex.

A. This is actually a question I answered in a recent interview over at Smexy Books. Instead of thinking up a different way to say the same thing, I'm just going to steal that answer. I hope you don't mind.
A Chinese Crested of the truly hairless variety is a small dog with patches of hair only on the head (the crest), feet, and tail. This hair is typically white or black, and their skin is usually pigmented any number of combinations of pink and grey. The first time I saw one, I couldn't decide if it was adorable or had some terrible disease. In my experience, most people either think they look like ugly hairless rats or are cute in a pathetic way. When I was creating Alex's character, I liked the idea that she'd be drawn to a dog who just didn't fit in. He's not a stray of unknown origin—let's face it, sadly, those are a dime a dozen. He's a pure breed that many people would be vaguely repulsed by. It worked for her.
Thanks for the questions, Natalie!

Christina asked:
Q. I've read your Haven books and love them. I was wondering if we were going to see more of Tatius in the next book. I really like him, he is such a fascinating character.(and I may have a teeny tiny crush on him) I was intrigued by his behavior towards Kita in the second book. What is he about?
A. This question makes me smile. I'm so glad you like Tatius. He was one of those characters who was just a name and a small note in the outline of the first book. I mean, I knew his history and his agenda before I started writing, but he was just supposed to be a minor antagonist. Then I wrote his first scene in Once Bitten and he jumped right off the page. Sometimes characters surprise the writer. After the events in Twice Dead, Tatius wasn't supposed to reappear in the series until book four because Third Blood is very shifter and Firth centered, but that punk haired master vamp doesn't tend to care what my outline says. ^_^
Thanks for the question!

Happy Monday everyone. And don't forget, this is the last week for the Grave Witch in the Wild contest. So far I have only a couple entries, so odds of winning are really good. Please check it out!


Edna said…
Thanks for answering my questions! I enjoyed the world building and characters of Grave Witch a lot so I hope the series extends further than three books too.
ranearia said…
I just finished reading Grave Witch and loved it!
I didn't care for Falin but he really grew on me and just adore him now- now if Alex doesn't want him, I can always take him off her hands ;D
I can't wait for more from this series
Kalayna Price said…
Thanks Edna!

Hi Ranearia. Your comment on Falin made me grin something fierce. Thanks so much!

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