A little ironic

When I started thinking about writing this post, my initial title idea was "I think my kitten is a vampire." If you are a fan of my novels of Haven, you probably understand why that would have been rather ironic. That said, I'm still inclined to believe my kitten (okay, she's close to three now, but she's the youngest cat) might be a member of the undead.

What makes me think so? Well, I've been having trouble keeping the puppy (who, again, isn't actually a puppy, just the youngest) off the bed when I'm not in the room. She knows she's not allowed on the bed when I'm not in there, and knowing that, she jumps off the bed as soon as she hears me leave my office so that I never catch her on the bed, just hurtling herself over the edge. Oh yeah, and the wet spots where she's been chewing on her feet are a pretty big give away to what she's been doing. In an attempt to keep the puppy off the bed, I've started closing the bedroom door. Easy solution, right?

Not quite.

The kitten sleeps under the bed during day. As her water and litter box are not in the bedroom, locking the puppy out also meant she needed to be locked out. Now you can probably imagine the commotion Monday morning when I first shut the door. I wasn't positive I'd make it through the day. But after thirty minutes or so, the kitten stopped complaining (the puppy continued to complain most of the day). I eventually emerged from my office and looked around to figure out where she'd decided to spend the day. I assumed she would be basking in a window with the other cat, or maybe sprawled in a chair or in one of the pet beds scattered around the house, but she wasn't anywhere to be found. After some more intense searching, I discovered her sound asleep in the bathroom cabinets. The nice, dark cabinets much like the nice dark area under the bed where she usually spends her days, not emerging until night. This is now her morning routine. When I shut the bedroom door, she locks herself in the cabinets.

I think she's hiding from the sunlight. Vampire kitten?

What do you think?

Happy Thursday everyone!


Ann Best said…
Hi. I came over from Kay Theodoratus's blog (after she made a comment on my post for today), and am glad I did. I really like this "story." Vampire cat? Sure seems like a possibility!! (This is also a very well written "story." It kept me reading to the "ironic" end!!)

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