Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prince Charming

As many of you know if you've seen me at events (or seen pictures from events), I like conversation pieces on my table. It started with a tombstone I picked up before the release party of Grave Witch and has slowly expanded since then. All of the items I display I can justify as tying into my books in some manner (though sometimes it's a stretch). From the tombstone fitting because Alex is a Grave Witch to my adorable little vamplet because of the vampires in the Haven novels, I consider them appropriate. But I've never actually had a table piece that tied directly into any of the books.

Until now.

Recently I commission artist Angela Woodruff to create a stuffed version of PC from the Alex Craft novels. We had several discussions about what he looks like and his personality before she started working and the end results just arrived today.

What do you think? Isn't he adorable!

I'm thrilled with the results, and he will definitely be making appearances at my upcoming events. I hope you'll stop by and check him out at my table (though he's not a toy so pet him gently. LOL).

If you'd like to look a more of Angela's work, check her out on facebook at Rabid Rags.

Happy Thursday everyone, and for those of you heading out for the holidays soon, safe travels to you.

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