Fall, the fair, and art

I look forward to the fair every year.

I mean, what's not to love about the fair? You get to eat fried foods that you would never even consider ingesting any other time of the year, there are cheesy haunted houses, festival music by small bands no one has ever heard of, and rides that are scary only because you wonder how precariously they were set up. But that's what makes it fun. It also is the harbinger of Fall (no matter what the calendar says, it's not Fall until the fair gets here, and it's still fall even if it's 101 degrees and all the trees are still green.)

In recent years the fair has started meaning something else to me as well, Art Show. I'm not active in the art community, but I do try to enter a painting or two each year. Now that I am out of school and have no deadlines on painting, motivation to work on them wanes greatly most of the time. Knowing that I need new works to enter in the fair is a good push for me.

With less than a week left before I need to drop my art off to be juried, I finished this years entrant, 'discarded.' This piece is actually one I started over a year ago, but then set aside for ever and a life time. I picked it back up about three months ago. Since the show is juried, there is a chance I wont make it in. I am a little worried that the piece is a little too weird for the fair, but it is part of a psychological narrative series I have been working on, and I am not about to paint flowers just because that is what people like. (I had to do enough of that in school.) Maybe next year I'll be inspired to paint something less morbid.

But this is all like counting the eggs as broken before I have even put them in the basket. I'll be turning the piece in on the 25th and will find out if it made it in the show on the 2nd of October. Either way, I'm grateful for the push to finish the work. Now to finish the second one in the series. (Discarded is actually the third)


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