Thursday, September 28, 2006

De-stressing with string

I went to the library today to pick up some books on writing. Over the years I have read most of what my local library carries on the craft of writing, but I have convinced myself that I don’t know anything about telling a story, so I went looking for something new. While browsing the shelves I spotted some books on knitting.

A friend taught me two stitches back in college, but I only ever use one of them. Don’t ask if it is a purl stitch or a knit stitch because I don’t actually know the difference. I also can’t read a pattern (or most maps, though I can navigate cross country with an atlas, go figure.) I knit hats and scarves because that is all I know how to do and the repetitive movements are very zen for me. Knitting also gives my hands something to do while my stories sporadically play out behind my eyes. I knit a lot when I get writer’s block because it takes the pressure of the keyboard away and lets me work through things.

I don’t have writer’s block right now, but my nerves could use the zen-like state knitting puts me in. The problem, no one I know needs a hat or a scarf. I’ve made everyone at least one of each by now. So despite my inability to understand what in the world the knitting books are talking about, I decided to bring some home. My husband wants a sweater, so I’m trying to figure out the pattern for one.

It’s on my goal list now-- write a minimum1k a day, learn to knit a sweater, and stop being OC about checking my email. Some goals, huh?

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